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Manufacturers and global retailers of highly quality bird & rat deterrents & scarers since 1992
Electronic Rodent Deterrent

Electronic Bird Deterrents

We supply a range of bird deterrents and scarers to suit any application. Click to see our full range of electronic bird deterrents.

Electronic Rodent Deterrents

Electronic Rodent Deterrents

Our rodent deterrent has constantly changing ultrasonic distress frequencies. Click to see read more about this product.

Wind Powered Deterrent for Birds

Wind Powered Bird Scarers

Constantly spinning visual deterrents. Click to see our full range of wind powered bird scarers.

Bird Scaring for Industries


Our electronic audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents and our visual wind powered deterrents have many applications.

Gulls require a combination of visual and audible deterrents

Bird Proofing, Protection, Prevention & Deterrents For Solar Panels

See how Clean Solar Solutions use Flashing Hawkeye in conjunction with the Wailer system to keep birds away from Solar Arrays.

We manufacture and sell bird deterrents and scarers globally. This video looks at how your solar panels can be protected from damage from bird droppings and birds nesting under your solar panels.


Scaringbirds.com are the leading designers & manufacturers of ‘state of the art’ electronic bird & rodent deterrents & bird scarers.


Our products include electronic ultrasonic rodent & bird scarer devices, audible bird deterrents, wind powered visual birdscarers & scarecrows.


Our devices are sold throughout the world. They are in use at airports, in public spaces, on industrial sites & by utility companies.

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    Bird Scarer

    Established in 1992, we are leading designers, manufacturers and global retailer of state of the art electronic bird and rodent deterrents and scarers.

    Our devices are sold throughout the world. They are in use at airports, in public spaces, on industrial sites and by utility companies. They are in use at distribution and retail centres, in agriculture, fish farming and for domestic use too.

    Take a look at our Birdbuzzer, an electronic bird scarer with a choice of audible or ultrasonic output with over 90 constantly changing sounds. Runwayler is ideal for airport runway patrols preventing bird strikes and the perfect partner to any static Wailer system installed adjacent to runways.

    We work with you to develop a bird scaring solution that may include one or several of machines working together.

    Bespoke solutions for effective bird & rodent control