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Scaringbirds.com offer a range of bird scaring solutions for farmers and the agricultural industry. We offer full support and technical advice.

Farmers and birds have been natural enemies for centuries, as birds are naturally attracted to food supplies. There is now an effective way for agricultural businesses to fight back without harming a single bird, as Scaringbirds.com has a range of bird deterrents specially designed to protect crops and prevent bird problems.

What problems do birds cause on farms?

The most obvious negative impact birds have on farming industries is reduced yield. Depending on the country, common pest birds such as pigeons, rooks, gulls, geese and starlings target and eat a wide range of crops – these include fruits, legumes, corn, rice, wheat and more. This costs an enormous amount in lost earnings every year and can be hugely frustrating for hard-working farmers.

Many birds will eat newly seeded and emerging crops before they have a chance to grow, while others cause so much damage that agricultural crops are rendered unsaleable and all crops will need to be re-sown.

Birds can cause contamination in grain stores as well as in milking parlours with a resultant risk of diseases.

Beyond the scarecrow…effective solutions from Scaringbirds.com

Modern farmers can no longer rely on the humble scarecrow to keep birds away from their fields. A far more effective and high-tech solution is needed, which is why many farming industries call on the services of Scaringbirds.com the pest bird deterrent specialists.

Our agricultural solutions are designed to protect a wide range of different crops from many different bird species. Our experienced team can develop tailored solutions depending on the exact needs of your business and the challenges caused by birds. For example, we can utilise our Wailer or Maxi Wailer and Flashing Hawkeye devices to protect arable crops such as oil seed rape from pigeon and rook attacks, while our Birdbuzzer solution has proven to be highly effective around cattle yards and silage areas.

What problems do rodents cause on farms?

Rats and mice cause considerable financial loss to farmers through damage to electrical wiring and loss of yield in grain stores, both through contamination and also the need to replace any packaging. Through such contamination serious health implications can arise, the Ratsonic will create a zone that the rodents are reluctant to enter, prevention is better than cure.

So, why put up with bird and rodent pest problems any longer? Get in touch with the team at Scaringbirds.com today and trust us to develop an effective solution just for you.  By with working with Scaringbirds.com we will help reduce unwanted birds and effected yields.

Drop us an email at info@scaringbirds.com, call us on 01584 711701 or fill in a simple enquiry form on our website and we’ll get right back to you.

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