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We provide airport bird deterrents and scarers bird control for the aviation industry.  Prevention of Bird Strikes

Scaringbirds.com can assist you with airport bird deterrents and scarers.  We create, manufacture, retail and fit bird deterrents, scarers and strike systems.

Why Are Bird Deterrents, Scarers & Strike Control Measures Needed?

Birds pose a real danger to the aircraft taking off and landing on runways.  They create numerous hazards to aircraft and staff.

Firstly, jet engine ingestion during take-off is the main worry.  The chances of a plane being struck mid-flight by a random bird flying high is rare.  Jet engines are designed to be able to handle such a limited bird strike. The problem is far more serious closer to the ground.  Significant amounts of birds are more likely to gather together in flocks at ground level.

Planes hitting multiple birds at once can cause the engines to exceed their safe ingestion limit. The risk is increased for planes taking off because the engine is turning at a much higher speed.

Secondly, landing planes run the risk of scaring a grounded flock of birds into sudden and panicked flight.

Thirdly, birds pose a danger to the cockpit windshield and other smaller but vulnerable parts such as the empennage. Therefore, aircraft designers usually factor such issues into the aircraft design.

Without suitable bird control by way of deterrents and scarers, there is the risk of birds creating damage to aircraft and increasing risk to staff.

How Can We Assist Airport Bird Control With Deterrents & Scarers?

Scaring Birds Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic bird scaring technology.  We have a range of products to help keep airports of any size clear of hazardous flocks.

Firstly, we have the solar powered Maxi Wailer for use alongside runways.  Secondly, we have the Runwayler for use as a mobile patrol unit on runway patrol vehicles and lastly, the Birdbuzzer for use around hangars and buildings.

Keep your aircraft and staff safe with the very best electronic bird scaring technology.  Email us at sales@scaringbirds.com or call 0208 1919 358 to discuss the best bird deterrent and scaring solutions for you.

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