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Scaringbirds.com offer a range of airport bird scaring devices for the Prevention of birds gathering in flocks at airports. This is one of the highest safety considerations of all airport operators because they pose a very real danger to the aircraft taking off and landing on the runways.


Why birds are a problem for airports and planes


Jet engine ingestion is the main worry, as the engine design with the rotating propellers encased within are vulnerable to outside objects coming into contact with any of its moving parts. Should one blade be struck and dislodged, then that blade can displace another blade and so on until complete failure of the engine.


Usually, being up in the sky makes this less of a problem as the chances of a plane being struck by a random bird flying high is rare. Even when it does happen, jet engines are designed to be able to handle such a limited bird strike. The problem becomes far more serious closer to the ground when significant amounts of birds are more likely to gather together in flocks.


Planes hitting multiple birds at once can cause the engines to exceed their safe ingestion limit. This is especially a problem for planes taking off, as the engine is turning at a much higher speed, while landing planes run the risk of scaring a grounded flock of birds into sudden and panicked flight.


Another consideration, though thankfully a much less common occurrence, is the danger birds pose to the cockpit windshield and other smaller but vulnerable parts such as the empennage. Aircraft designers usually factor such issues into the design, but without bird scaring technology there is the risk of birds gathering in numbers that exceed the in-built safety precautions.


Keep airports clear of birds with Scaringbirds.com


Scaringbirds.com is a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic bird scaring technology with a range of products to help keep airports of any size clear of hazardous flocks and these include  the electronic Wailer Mk6 for alongside runways, the Runwayler for use as a mobile patrol unit on runway patrol vehicles and the Birdbuzzer for use around hangars and buildings

Keep your aircraft safe with the very best electronic bird scaring technology by emailing us at info@scaringbirds.com or calling 01584 711701 to discuss the best bird scaring solution for you.

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