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Fish Farm Bird Deterrents

We provide high quality bird deterrents for fish farms globally.  The large concentrations of fish at fish farms naturally attracts birds.  Birds can cause all kinds of problems for fish farm owners. Our expert team can provide you with a bespoke solution to protect fish from birds on your fish farm.

Why Are Bird Deterrents Even Needed?

Wild birds such as cormorants, herons and gulls gather in areas where there are large quantities of fish.  Ponds and cages make it easier for the birds to catch and eat the fish. This can decimate fish stocks and cause real financial damage to fish farming businesses.

Firstly, it reduces yield.  Secondly, birds can also cause injury and stress to fish, pushing mortality rates to worrying levels.  Thirdly, bird droppings cause issues with contamination.

As well as eating fish and reducing the yield of fish farms, wild birds can also consume other essential assets belonging to the business. This includes the feed for the fish, which is the largest cost input factor of the industry.  They can also damage cages and nets.

What Bird Deterrents Do We Supply For Fish Farms?

We have a wide range of bird deterrents in our armoury for fish farms.  The most effective solution will be one of our deterrent combos.  They are a combination of audible and visual bird deterrents.  We will look to combine the moving visual deterrent effect of the wind powered Ground Mounted Flashing Hawkeye with the audible deterrent effect of the electronic Maxi-Wailer.

Maxi-wailer Electronic Bird Deterrent


Together, they are ideal bird deterrents on fish farms and other remote or rural facilities.

Other Services

We also provide bird and rodent deterrents for a whole host of applications, including farming, utilities and solar.

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