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Fish Farming

The large concentrations of fish at fish farms naturally attracts birds, causing all kinds of problems for facility owners. Luckily, there are methods available to deter birds from farming facilities, such as the bespoke solutions available from our expert team here at Scaringbirds.com.

Predation and injury to fish

Wild birds such as cormorants, herons and gulls are drawn to large quantities of fish, and ponds and cages unfortunately make it easier for these birds to catch and eat them. This easy fishing can decimate fish stocks and cause real financial damage to fish farming businesses by significantly reducing the yield.

Birds can also cause injury and stress to fish, pushing mortality rates to worrying levels and potentially causing issues with contamination.

Other problems with birds

As well as eating fish and reducing the yield of fish farms, wild birds can also consume other essential assets belonging to the business. This includes the feed for the fish, which is the largest cost input factor of the industry.

Birds can damage fish farm infrastructure and equipment, including cages and nets. There is also a problem with their droppings, which can pollute and contaminate the water where fish are kept as well as causing corrosion to buildings and property.

Finding a solution that really works with Scaringbirds.com

Fish farming is one of the industries facing the biggest challenges with unwanted birds. An approach combining a number of different techniques can be the most effective, and this is where Scaringbirds.com can help.

Our team has vast experience in protecting fish farming facilities from birds and aims to develop a bespoke deterrent system for every situation. Scaringbirds.com has a wide range of solutions in its armoury, combining the moving visual deterrent effect of the wind powered Flashing Hawkeye Ground Mounted or Flashing Hawkeye Roof Mounted with the audible deterrent effect of the electronic Maxi-Wailer, making them ideal for use on fish farms and other remote or rural facilities.

Get in touch with the team today by calling 01584 711701 or email us on info@scaringbirds.com to discuss your bird problems. You can trust our specialist knowledge and experience to develop a highly effective deterrent that will help reduce your bird problems.

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