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Game Farming

Scaringbirds.com have a range of game farm bird deterrents and scarers avilable.  We can build you a bespoke solutions to suit your needs.

Why Are Deterrents & Scarers Needed On Game Farms?

Game farms that house pheasants, partridges and poults are prone to attack from foxes and high-flying predators such as buzzards, eagles and other predators.  Fish farms and fishing lakes need protection against cormorants and other predatory birds.  Without deterrents and scarers in place, revenue and stock can be lost.

What Game Farm Deterrents & Scarers Are Available?

For protecting game farms against high flying predators such as buzzards and crows it is better to use a constantly moving visual deterrent.  Our wind powered Flashing Hawkeye is one such device.

We can also provide an audible product we call the Maxi Wailer. This speaker deterrent system scares predators away with random blasts of numerous sounds.

What Are The Advantages Of Our Game Farm Deterrents & Scarers?

Armed with mirrors rather than an electronic sound making device, this rotating device ‘flashes’ reflected sunlight and moonlight around the area.  This  creates a random and ever-changing environment.  It is an environment that predatory birds do not want to visit.  The flashing can be seen from up in the air, so predatory birds move on and get nowhere near your stock.

One big advantage of this device is that our Flashing Hawkeyes have no running costs.

However the electronic Maxi Wailer can be a very effective audible deterrent to supplement the visual deterrent of the Flashing Hawkeye.  The Maxi-Wailer uses a series of random sounds and blast times to create a random environment.  Again, the randomness puts birds of prey and other predators off and stops them visiting an area.

In conclusion, you have a requirement for game farm bird deterrents or scarers, please contact us.  Please call us on +44(0)208 1919 358 or email sales@scaringbirds.com 

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