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Industrial applications

Unfortunately, industrial facilities often attract large numbers of birds. They can cause significant problems which can prove a hazard to buildings and people as well as disrupting normal service. This is why Scaringbirds.com has developed a range of solutions specially for industrial sites, to help keep unwanted birds at a safe distance.

Why birds and industrial facilities don’t mix

Until you’ve experienced the problem yourself, it’s not always easy to grasp just how destructive birds can be at industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, factories and warehousing. Here are just a handful of the many serious problems they can cause:

  • Danger to human health, with bird droppings being linked to more than 60 transmissible diseases
  • Compromising health and safety regulations by nesting in vents and chimneys, causing a fire or suffocation risk
  • Creating slipping hazards through their droppings
  • Making holes in roofing and other damage to buildings and materials
  • Getting caught in machinery – halting work and potentially resulting in injury or death to the bird
  • Corroding property and machinery with their acidic droppings
  • Gulls attacking staff
  • Financial consequences can include packaging damage or product damage, which creates the need of re-packaging

Preventing bird problems with Scaringbirds.com

No one wants birds to be harmed – all the owners of industrial facilities want is for unwanted pests to stay away. Therefore Scaringbirds.com has developed a range of completely harmless but highly effective deterrents to help prevent and reduce any bird problems.

Our expert team will assess your site and discuss how birds have been causing problems at your facility, and develop a bespoke solution to exactly meet your needs. This may involve the use of more than one of our tried-and-tested devices, including the Wailer or Maxi Wailer for protecting rooftops from pigeons and the roof mounted wind-powered Flashing Hawkeye. Loading bays can be secured against flying intruders using technologically advanced devices such as Birdbuzzer.

Other industrial applications for our products include:

  • Waste recycling and landfill sites.
  • Oil and gas industry both in the Middle East and on North Sea oil rigs.
  • Construction companies who are seeking to comply with planning requirements to deter birds from nesting before commencing construction of roads, pipelines and buildings.

Our electronic deterrents have been widely used by electricity and telecommunications companies for protecting their power pylons and transmission towers. Also by police forces and ambulance centres on their communications equipment.

Protecting Solar Arrays

Protecting buildings with solar arrays where bird droppings create “hotspots” which damage the solar panels and reduce output. As demonstrated in the video the best solution is to have a combination of one of the models of electronic bird deterrents such as the Wailer, Maxi Wailer, Midi Wailer or Birdbuzzer  all of which can be fitted with additional slave units, together with the visual deterrence provided by the Flashing Hawkeye  which can be the roof mounted  or the ground mounted model depending upon the situation.

Get in touch with Scaringbirds.com today and talk us through the problem. Within no time, you will have an effective bird deterrent system up and running. You’ll see a drastic reduction in bird disruption and destruction, so that you can get on with what you do best – running your business. Call the Scaringbirds.com team on 01584 711701 or drop us an email at info@scaringbirds.com.

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