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Industrial applications

We manufacture and supply industrial bird scarers and deterrents globally.  Industrial facilities often attract large numbers of birds. Therefore, they suffer significant bird problems.  Birds can be a hazard to buildings and people.  They can also disrupt business. We have developed a range of bird deterrents for industrial sites.  We can build a bespoke solution to suit your needs.

Why Do Industrial Facilities Need Bird Scarers & Deterrents?

Birds can be incredibly destructive at manufacturing plants, factories and warehousing. The following can occur:

  • Firstly, there is a danger to human health.  Bird droppings are linked to more than 60 transmissible diseases
  • Secondly, health and safety issues arise when birds nest in vents and chimneys.  This can cause a fire or suffocation risk
  • Bird droppings can create a slip hazard
  • Birds can also make holes in roofing.  They also create other damage to buildings and stock
  • Birds getting caught in machinery halts productivity.  It can also result in injury or death to the bird
  • Bird droppings are acidic.  They can corrode property and machinery
  • Gulls are territorial during nesting season.  They often attack people
  • The cost of inactivity should be taken into account.  The cost of NOT installing deterrents is often way more than the cost of installing them.

Are The Bird Scarers & Detterents Safe & Humane?

Yes.  No one wants birds to be harmed.  Everyone wants unwelcome pests to stay away. They want this to be done humanely.  We have developed a range of completely harmless but highly effective bird scarers and deterrents.  They help prevent and reduce any bird problems.

When you contact us, our team will assess your site.  You can explain how birds have been causing problems at your facility.  We then build a bespoke solution to meet your needs. This may combine more than one of our scarers.

What Bird Scarers & Deterrents Do We Have Available?

Our solar-powered Maxi Wailer scarers protect rooftops.  Our roof mounted and wind-powered Flashing Hawkeye is a silent deterrent.  It ‘flashes’ sunlight and moonlight across the roof.  Our deterrent combos join together the power of the Wailer and randomness of the Flashing Hawkeye to create a hostile environment that the most persistent of birds do not want to inhabit.  Loading bays can be protected from birds with our Birdbuzzer.  This is a technologically advanced bird deterrent, easy to install and use.

Where Have Our Scarers & Deterrents Been Used?

  • Firstly, waste recycling and landfill sites.
  • Secondly, in the oil and gas industry both in the Middle East and on North Sea oil rigs.
  • Construction companies have numerous planning requirements to adhere to.  This may include deterring birds from nesting before commencing construction of roads, pipelines and buildings.
  • Electricity & telecommunications companies need to protect power pylons and transmission towers
  • They have also been installed at police stations and ambulance centres.

Protecting Solar Arrays With Bird Scarers & Deterrents

Protecting buildings from birds where solar arrays are installed is important.  Bird droppings on solar panels create “hotspots”.  These damage the solar panels and reduce output. As demonstrated in the video the best solution is to have a combination of one of the models of electronic bird deterrents.  This can be the Wailer, Maxi Wailer, Midi Wailer or Birdbuzzer. All of these can be fitted with additional slave speakers.  They can be used together with the visual effect of the Flashing Hawkeye.  The results are quite phenomenal.  The Flashing Hawkeye can be used on the roof or ground.

Get in touch with us today and talk us through the problem. We will help you achieve a drastic reduction in bird disruption and destruction.  You can get on with what you do best – running your business. Call our team on +44(0)208 1919 358 or drop us an email at sales@scaringbirds.com.

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