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Utilities application

Birds and other pests can cause serious problems for organisations within the utilities sector, which is why the services of deterrent experts such as Scaringbirds.com are so in demand. Birds are one of the most common causes of power system outages, which can cause huge disruption as well as financial losses and reputational damage.

The droppings of birds can also be highly corrosive to equipment and building materials, especially if it accumulates over time. Constant cleaning and maintenance to repair this damage can be extremely costly, and can even force systems to be temporarily taken offline.

Just as importantly, birds can also injure or even kill themselves when they choose to nest at a substation. If they make contact with electrified equipment, they will lose their lives as well as potentially causing a system outage. According to the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981, you could be liable for prosecution if birds are injured or killed on your business premises.

Solving pest problems with Scaringbirds.com

For these reasons, it is vital that utilities companies take immediate steps to deter birds from their properties – and this is where Scaringbirds.com comes in.

We have a wide range of highly effective products to prevent birds and other wild animals from approaching your sites and properties in the first place. These include electronic, audible, ultrasonic systems such as Birdbuzzer and the Wailer, which produce over 90 regularly changing sounds, as well as the wind powered visual deterrent such as the roof mounted Flashing Hawkeye.  At no point do our deterrents harm the birds and will prevent damage to your property, crucially – stops them from causing costly and disruptive system outages.

A bespoke solution

Scaringbirds.com doesn’t just provide off-the-shelf products though. We develop bespoke solutions to overcome the specific challenges your business is facing. Our expert team will assess your site and properties and look closely at the problems birds are or could be causing. We will develop the most effective solution just for you, which may involve a combination of different devices and techniques.

So, if you’re having problems with unwanted birds or you’re worried about bird problems in the future, get in touch with Scaringbirds.com today by calling 01584 711701.

Other industrial applications for our products include:

  • Waste recycling and landfill sites.
  • Oil and gas industry both in the Middle East and on North Sea oil rigs.
  • Construction companies who are seeking to comply with planning requirements to deter birds from nesting before commencing construction of roads, pipelines and buildings.

Our electronic deterrents have been widely used by electricity and telecommunications companies for protecting their power pylons and transmission towers. Also by police forces and ambulance centres on their communications equipment.

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