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Utilities application

We provide utility bird deterrents and scarecrows for water, gas, electricity and telecommunications companies.

Why Do Utilities Need Bird Deterrents & Scarers?

Firstly, water, electricity, gas and telecommunications companies suffer extensive bird problems.  As a result, power and system outages can be caused by birds.  Therefore, outages cause huge disruption, financial losses and reputational damage to the company.

Birds bring other issues too:

  • Accumulated bird droppings can be corrosive to on-site equipment.
  • They create a lot of damage on building materials.
  • Constant cleaning and maintenance can be costly.
  • Bird droppings can force systems to be temporarily taken offline.

The Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 should be taken into account.  It states that you may be liable for prosecution if birds are injured.  If birds are killed on your premises, you may be liable for prosecution.  Therefore, it is important to ensure the environment around your site is safe for birds.

What Bird Control Measures Do We Have Available?

There highly effective products available to prevent birds from approaching an area.  In this section, we highlight some effective solutions:

Because the public have concerns about the health of birds, we make it plain that our deterrents never harm birds.  They all prevent damage to property.  Moreover, they stop birds from causing costly and disruptive system outages.

Our Build Bespoke Bird Deterrents

In this paragraph, we highlight the decision-making process.  Firstly, we assess your site.  We look at it closely for problems birds are or could be causing.  After that, we find the most effective solution.  As a result, this may involve a combination of different bird scaring devices and techniques.  Finally, we will send you our recommendation and proposal.

Utility applications for our products include:
  • Recycling plants
  • Landfill sites
  • Oil rigs
  • Gas industry sites
  • Construction companies
  • Water treatment plants
  • Power stations
  • Solar farms
  • Hydro stations
  • Distribution centres

So, we can see that large utility companies need to avoid the problems birds bring.  Firstly, the physical damage that birds bring to property.  Secondly there is company reputation to be protected.  Therefore, if you require utility bird deterrents & scarecrows, please get in touch with us today by emailing sales@scaringbirds.com or by calling +44(0)208 1919 358.

Our electronic deterrents have been used by electricity and telecommunications companies for protecting their power pylons and transmission towers. Because of their effectiveness, they are also used by police forces and ambulance centres.

Utilities Bird Scarers

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