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Which model of Electronic Bird Deterrent is suitable for you? 

What are the main differences between each Electronic Bird Deterrent ?

The Wailer and the Maxi Wailer both have four built-in speakers with the sound switching round from speaker to speaker by rotation which creates a sensation of movement of sound which the birds do not like. However the main difference is that the Wailer has a plug-in programmer which enables the user to select between audible or ultrasonic output, and to control many features including blast duration and blast intervals, and to set the time of operation via a clock or a light sensor and to select which sounds. By contrast the Maxi Wailer is normally only audible output with a fully automatic random selection of sounds requiring less management involvement and is particularly suitable for battery powered use in agricultural or other situations where there is no mains power or where flexibility to move the unit are important. Both models have the capacity to be fitted with up to eight twin speaker slave units in order to extend the range or focus the direction of output.

By comparison the Midi Wailer also has four built-in speakers and can be fitted with up to four twin speaker slave units but the important difference is that depending upon the model selected at the time of purchase it can only be either audible or ultrasonic (but not both) and the mains powered and battery powered models are different machines and are not interchangeable. Another fundamental difference from the Wailer and Maxi Wailer is that the Midi Wailer output is stereo with sound emanating from all speakers at the same time and not switching from speaker to speaker.

The Birdbuzzer, like the Wailer, has the capacity for both audible and ultrasonic output. The control unit which is not waterproof is normally kept inside a building where it is easily accessible to management with all output coming from waterproof twin speaker slave units which can be sited externally or internally near the problem areas. A typical situation would be a loading bay with the unit operating with ultrasonic output most of the time but with the ability for management to change to audible at the flick of a switch.