Commercial Solar Powered Bird Deterrents and Scarers
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Commercial Solar Powered Bird Deterrents and Scarers
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Scaring Birds have a whole range of solar powered bird deterrents and scarers. They are suitable for commerical and industrial applications. They keep birds away from areas you wish to protect. We ship our products globally.

Why Are Solar Powered Bird Deterrents and Scarers Appealing?

Firstly, solar power is on the increase. It is a cheap and effective form of renewable energy. Previously, our deterrents were only powered by mains or battery. As a result, they have now been developed to be solar powered so that running costs are kept to a minimum. Secondly, the solar panel does not need direct sunlight to be effective. It only needs a low level of light to work. Even during overcast and wet conditions, the system keeps running.

Our solar powered bird deterrent – Maxi Wailer

What Does The Solar Powered Maxi Wailer Deterrent Do?

The Maxi Wailer is one of our most popular products. It can be powered by a solar panel or mains electricity. This deterrent can be used on ground or roof mounted applications. The single centre unit has 4 built-in speakers. If you have a larger to cover, you can add up to 8 additional speakers. These are attached with speaker cables, providing maximum flexibility. Speakers can be sent off in four different directions from the main unit. They can be linked together, with up to 4 speakers in a single line. One Maxi Wailer with 8 speakers can cover an area of up to 12 hectares!

Speaker for audible commercial bird deterrent
A satellite speaker running from a Maxi Wailer main unit, protecting solar panels from bird droppings

What Sounds Do The Bird Deterrents Make?

The fully programmable Maxi Wailer shown above creates a random atmosphere which birds hate. It does this in several ways. Firstly, the unit has 4 speakers built-into the main unit. These blast individually, one after another and create a ‘sweeping’ noise effect. Secondly, they rotate randomly through 55 audible and ultrasonic sounds. Thirdly, blast times vary from 10 seconds to 1 minute. Finally, blast int varies between 10 seconds up to 15 minutes. As a result, this creates a completely unpredictable deterrent that birds hate.

For more information about the Maxi Wailer, please contact us.

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