Maxi Wailer

Bird Deterrent Sound System –

THE MAXI WAILER £714.00 inc. VAT & U.K. Delivery*

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  • IP66 rated
  • Solar powered = Very low running costs
  • Option of sonic, ultrasonic modes or have both running simultaneously
  • Add up to 8 optional slave speakers up to 50m apart
  • Up to 100dB volume
  • Light sensor control
  • Protects up to 30 acres

Solar Powered Bird Deterrent Sound System- Maxi Wailer

Our flagship bird deterrent sound system is The Maxi Wailer.  It is a high quality, high power, effective solar powered bird deterrent. This is built entirely in the U.K. using quality components and fully justifies it’s pricepoint when compared with the very many cheap products commercially available.  The sole purpose of this highly-flexible bird deterrent sound system is to be loud to birds hearing and random in order to deter and scare birds away from larger areas. It can be set to ultrasonic mode so that humans cannot hear the sounds.  It can be mounted on the ground and on roofs. It is equally as effective in both applications.


The Maxi Wailer has the following features:

  • 100W solar panel charges a 12V battery
  • Can be mounted on a roof or on a tripod on the ground
  • The main unit houses 4 horn speakers, one on each face of the unit
  • Main unit can have up to 8 satellite units attached, each with 2 speakers, creating up to a 20-speaker bird deterrent sound system
  • Mix of intermediate and end satellite units mean you can ‘daisy-chain’ the speakers
  • Satellite speakers create a sweeping movement of noise, disorienting the birds
  • Range of 55 random combinations of sounds prevents familiarity to any pattern
  • Random time between blasts, ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Random blast length from 10-60 seconds
  • All pulsating high frequency audible and ultrasonic sounds are designed to specifically annoy birds

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