Electronic Rodent & Rat Deterrent

Ratsonic Specification

The fertility of rats and mice dictates that the solution to protecting a building is not by trapping or poisoning alone. Therefore, the only solution is to make that environment unacceptable to rodents.

This is achieved by the Ratsonic which emits a series of variably pulsating sound waves of 64 constantly changing combinations of ultrasonic sound.

These sounds coincide with the frequency range of the distress and aggression calls of rodents resulting in an environment unacceptable to them.

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Rodents do not remain in a Ratsonic protected zone.

Ratsonic Tech Specification

Electronic rodent and rat deterrent with constantly changing ultrasonic distress frequencies

Our electronic rodent and rat deterrent is highly effective at keeping rodents and rats away from an area.  They do this is numerous ways.

  • Firstly, the deterrent creates an environment which rodents and rats are not able to tolerate.  This deters them from visiting an area.
  • Secondly, protects your cash margins.
  • Thirdly, protects from health hazards.
  • 64 random combinations of pulsating ultrasonic sound which simulate distress and aggression calls of rodents.
  • Designed for maximum effectiveness by channeling sound along the edge of perimeter walls where rodents run.
  • Simple to operate – just connect to power supply and position the speakers.
  • Master unit with three built-in speakers can be supplemented with up to 10 optional slave units each fitted with one or three speakers, so there are no maintenance or service costs.
  • No potentially hazardous traps, poisons or chemicals and as a result, provides a safe environment.
  • Lastly, the system provides around-the-clock protection because it is mains powered.