Eliminating nuisance birds through state-of-the-art electronic bird scarers

There are probably quite a few people who will never view birds as pests because they have never experienced the problems they can cause. But if you have ever had to try and co-exist with huge numbers of pesky pigeons or aggressive gulls, then no doubt you will appreciate the usefulness of bird deterrent technologies.

One immediate problem is that when birds gather in large numbers, they can create an unfathomably loud noise as anyone living near the coast can testify. Pigeons constantly coo-cooing might not be as loud as the seagulls’ angry wail, but it can be just as distracting and annoying. Farmers and anyone else who likes to grow food will also understand the nuisance birds can cause by frequently stealing from crops and other vegetation.

It’s probably the droppings that are the biggest problem though, with bird faeces able to cause significant damage to properties and any important equipment stored outside. The droppings are not just unsightly though, as they carry very real health risks.

Health Problems Caused by Bird Faeces

There are several infectious diseases caused by fungus and bacteria found in the excrement of many different birds, including pigeons, sparrows and seagulls (amongst many more). Histoplasmosis is an infectious disease also known as Cave Disease due to it also being present in the droppings of cave-dwelling bats. It affects the lungs and can be fatal if left untreated, though it tends to be more of a threat to those with weakened immune systems.

Cryptococcosis is another potentially fatal fungal disease, though perhaps is most commonly associated with animals. Cats and dogs seem to be particularly susceptible to it, with the disease contracted by inhalation of the infectious propagule that has become airborne due to disturbances in the environment. Dogs digging and cats scraping the bird poo affected soil to cover their own deposits are possible reasons why these animals encounter this illness more often than others.

The other main health problem that can be caused by coming into contact with bird faeces is Psittacosis, perhaps more familiarly known as Parrot Fever. It is a zoonotic infectious disease which can be passed on through the faeces of infected birds as wide-ranging as hens, pigeons and budgerigars (and parrots, of course).

How to Keep Nuisance Birds Away

Bird deterrents have three aims: prevent nuisance birds from landing, roosting, and nesting. By preventing those three things, birds will not be able to settle anywhere for long enough to cause any of the nuisances mentioned above. There are different options available with ScaringBirds.com providing several different electronic bird deterrents to suit a variety of circumstances.

There are also a couple of wind-powered bird scarers available which use a flashing Hawkeye to keep nuisance birds away.

Keep areas clear from nuisance birds with the very best electronic bird deterrent technology by emailing us at info@scaringbirds.com or calling 01584 711701 to discuss the best pest deterrent solution for you.

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