How pests and rodents can create damage to your home and a hole in your wallet

There are so many pests around sometimes that it seems that getting rid of one only opens up a vacancy for another to move in! From larger creatures, such as rats and mice to pesky moth infestations and all the various ants and overfriendly beetles that want to share our homes, it seems we humans are fighting constant battles to be free of pests.

Pests Damaging Homes and Health

It’s not just that the that mice make noise in the night or a wandering beetle across the kitchen floor is unsightly, but such pests can actually cause damage to the property, lowering its value and even making it unsellable.

If left to establish themselves, a colony of woodworm can do irreparable damage to a property. Many people don’t know that woodworm is a beetle, or rather it is the wood-consuming larvae of various different species of beetle. Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose until the symptoms start showing themselves in the form of holes in the wood, with the holes exhibiting a powdery substance around their edges when the infestation is active. The powdery substance is the faeces of the larvae. The adults tend to emerge from the wood during the summer, so it’s important to stop the infestation before they have a chance to create the next generation.

While property damage is bad, the pests that damage our health are even worse. Rats are well known to spread certain diseases such as leptospirosis, which produces similar conditions to malaria. It can be contracted via coming into contact with their excrement or urine, with the liquid nature of the latter making it particularly difficult to identify.

Rats and Mice Problems Increase During Cold Weather

When it’s warm outside, the rodents are often happy enough with whatever dwellings they can safely use. However, once colder weather arrives, they prefer to find warmer premises and, due to the fewer options available, can start to gather in large groups if left undisturbed. When this happens, their population can soar, and the threat they pose along with it.

Our homes become potential dwellings for the little critters, with the food we store being another attraction along with the heat we use. There is no need to go chasing after them with a big stick though, as there are special pest deterrent technologies which can keep the likes of rats and mice away from the houses where we live.

The electronic rodent deterrent uses constantly changing ultrasonic distress frequencies which we humans cannot hear, but creates a environment that the rats are unable to tolerate. Such a device takes all the stress and hassle out of combating the unwelcome rodent problem, safeguarding our homes and our health throughout the whole year.

Keep your home safe from pests with the very best electronic pest deterrent technology by emailing us at or calling 01584 711701 to discuss the best pest deterrent solution for you.

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