Runwayler Specification

Designed as a mobile bird deterrent with over 90 constantly changing sounds.

Choice of two types of speakers for mounting externally on a runway patrol vehicle with a small control unit which can be powered by 12 volt DC supply from a cigar socket on the dashboard of the vehicle.

The Runwayler can be fitted with either:

2 horn speakers, or up to 4 twin speaker slave units, or a mixture of 1 horn speaker with up to 2 twin speaker slave units.

Runwayler Tech sheet

If you have need for a bird scarer for runways, make the Runwayler your choice.  It is used in airports globally.

Airports have need for the most effective bird scarer for runways. This is because runways are a crucial part of passenger safety. Bird strikes and ingestion into engines is to be avoided at all costs. Therefore, keeping birds off runways is essential. This product can also be mounted to vehicles frequenting solar farms to deter birds resting on the top of solar panels. SEE OUR PRICING.

Ideal for use with airport runway patrol vehicles to prevent bird strike. Electronic bird deterrent with a choice of audible or ultrasonic output with over 90 constantly changing sounds.

Runwayler – Bird Scarer For Runways Benefits

  • Firstly, 90 constantly changing sounds.
  • Secondly, choice of two types of speakers for mounting externally.
  • Thirdly, small control unit powered by 12 volt DC supply from cigar socket in vehicle.
  • Lastly, perfect mobile partner to any static Wailer system.

Runwayler – Bird Scarer For Solar Farms Benefits

  • Firstly, they can be fitted to roof of O&M contractor vehicles for use as they work on site
  • Secondly, works in conjunction with currently installed Wailer systems
  • Scares birds away from resting on solar panels
  • Reduces hotspots on solar panels from bird droppings
  • Increases cell life by reducing hotspotting
  • Increases revenue