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Choose between our constantly moving wind powered visual deterrent or our electronic bird deterrent devices or a combination of both to solve your problem of birds on industrial rooftops

The problem of birds, particularly pigeons and seagulls, on industrial rooftops represents an unacceptable hygiene risk, and their increasingly aggressive behaviour to humans is a safety hazard to staff. They are also a major problem on sites or buildings with solar panels where the bird droppings create “hotspots” which damage the solar panels and reduce output.

The key to solving the problem is to deter them from landing in the first place. Thankfully that is exactly what the roof mounted wind powered Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors does with its constant movement and flash which can be seen far beyond the range of any sound making device and is effective throughout day and night without any running expenses.

The Flashing Hawkeye visual deterrent can be complemented by our range of audible and/or ultrasonic electronic bird deterrents which include the Wailer, the Birdbuzzer and the Midi Wailer all of which can be fitted with additional slave speakers in order to cover all parts of the rooftop

Flashing Hawkeye Originated as a Crop Protector

Originally, the Flashing Hawkeye was intended to protect the likes of crops in arable fields and vineyards, where it would be mounted above the vegetation  on a specially designed ground spike which maintains vertical alignment in all conditions in order to  scare away all manner of nuisance birds. Its success in this area led to an expansion of its use, namely on the roofs of farm buildings , feed mills, industrial buildings,  factories, warehouses  and other elevated structures such as radio masts and solar arrays and to deter birds from fish farms. The Flashing Hawkeye is also used to deter birds from nesting on construction sites in order to comply with terms of Planning Regulations.

The Flashing Hawkeye is able to used with such varied applications due to the versatility of its mounting options.

Flashing Hawkeye Mounting Options

The main type of mounting is a simple plate that attaches to a horizontal surface. It’s 18cm squared and features multiple holes for a variety of fixing positions. The other type of mounting option is a bracket rather than a plate, and it is even more versatile as it can be affixed to either a flat vertical surface or into a corner formed by two adjacent vertical surfaces.

These mounting options enable the Flashing Hawkeye to be placed wherever it is most effective at scaring away unwanted nuisance birds.

Popular Applications of the Flashing Hawkeye

The Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors has proven to be very popular on the rooftops of industrial estates such as factories and warehouses. Nesting populations of nuisance birds can cause damage in such places so keeping them away is a good idea. The Flashing Hawkeye also works as a deterrent throughout both the day and night, helping to keep the likes of pigeons and seagulls away from your property.

The device can also be used at any business or domestic premises that requires a bird deterrent, and works especially well in conjunction with the electronic pest deterrent technology.