ScaringBirds Acquisition Completed By Solar Innovator

ScaringBirds Acquisition Completed By Solar Innovator
U.K. Solar Industry Innovator of the Year, Steve Williams, has completed the acquisition of Scaringbirds Ltd for an undisclosed fee.
Steve Williams has acquired
Solar Innovator Acquires Ltd

Scaring Birds Company History Ltd is a bird and rat deterrent retailer and was incorporated in 1992.  Because of the effectiveness of the deterrents, it has enjoyed a long and rich history. Our unique bird and pest deterrents were designed and created by retiring Managing Director, Charles Tweedie.  The pest deterrent products are exported and installed globally. They are used in numerous applications. These include airports, fisheries, farms and many other applications.  More recently, this has included the solar sector. Bird deterrents now stand guard like sentries over roof and ground mounted solar arrays.

Who Has Taken Over Scaringbirds?

Steve Williams comments “Charles and his company have provided us with bird deterrents for the last 6 years.  My interest was piqued for numerous reasons. Firstly, the service from Charles and his team has been faultless.  Secondly, the effectiveness of his deterrents is clear for all to see.  We had tried many mass-produced deterrents over the years. We often found them to be left wanting.  Therefore, we tried the uniquely-designed deterrents offered by Scaringbirds Ltd and found them to be particularly effective against gulls on roofs.

Over the years, we have completed the installation of numerous bird deterrents to protect solar arrays. Keeping the bird droppings off solar panels is important. Bird droppings reduce output and create cell damage due to hotspotting.  Bird control has become an increasingly important part of the business. Therefore, Scaring Birds become an important supplier for us.

Charles told me of his decision to retire. As a result, we talked about if Scaring Birds had a future.  I felt it a shame to simply have it fold. I recognised the value in the company. Moreover, Clean Solar Solutions continues to experience global growth. Therefore, it made commercial sense to control our own supply chain. So we discussed numbers and I decided to acquire the company.”

Why Was A Scaringbirds Acquisition Possible?

Charles Tweedie, founder of Scaring Birds comments “For over 25 years the Company has been developing and selling innovative electronic and visual bird deterrents. We were successful and started selling our products across the world.  They have been used in a wide variety of applications very effectively.

We have been supplying Clean Solar Solutions for over 5 years. I am pleased that the company is being sold to Steve.  His winning ‘U.K. Solar Innovator of the Year’ convinces me that the company will continue to thrive. As a result of the sale, I can look forward to enjoying my retirement!”

In conclusion, Williams comments “It is my firm hope that I continue to run Ltd in the same innovative manner as Charles. We will continue to serve the solar sector and other sectors such as the aviation, fishing and farming sectors to the best of our ability, continuing his legacy.”

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