Flashing Hawkeye Ground Mounted

Hawkeye Specification

The Flashing Hawkeye bird deterrent with mirrors comprises a thermoformed aerofoil shaped board which is secured in a bracket mounted on the top of a post which revolves in the lightest wind on high quality sealed bearings.

Hanging downwards from the same bracket is a multi angled series of reinforced high impact mirrors shaped like a lampshade which rotate with the aerofoil board.

The power of the mirror

Hawkeye Tech sheet

Wind Powered Flashing Hawkeye Bird Scarer

Our wind powered bird scarer, the Flashing Hawkeye is a constantly spinning visual deterrent with large multi-angled mirrors. These give a powerful flash of reflected light from the sun or even a full moon.

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Many species deterred by the vibrant coloured predator’s eyes alone.

  • Revolves in just a breath of wind. Movement makes it effective even on dull days.
  • Silent. No running costs. No batteries.
  • Ideal for arable crops, horticulture, soft fruit, vineyards, fish farms, municipal rubbish tips, kitchen gardens.
  • Protects pheasant poults and free range poultry from predators. Deters deer from forestry plantations and gardens.
  • Perfect complement to all audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents.
  • Deterring birds from nesting on construction sites such as roads, power lines and buildings.

Easily assembled and moved – especially with optional driving tool/post remover.
Optional low profile board for high wind locations with special bracket for mounting on buildings.

The Flashing Hawkeye was chiefly designed for use protecting arable crops mounted on a special spike designed for good rigidity in all soil conditions and this remains it’s most common use. However there are ever increasing requirements for it’s use in industrial and other applications at higher elevation with low profile board in situations such as:

  • Factory roofs
  • Solar panel farms
  • Farmyards
  • Vineyards

On theses occasions the more onerous stresses when used at high elevations, coupled with safety considerations to people below, has resulted in the design of two mounting options so that they can be mounted onto a horizontal surface with a Roof Mounting Plate or attached to a vertical structure with the Roof Mounting Bracket.

See how Clean Solar Solutions use Flashing Hawkeye to keep birds and their droppings off solar panels preventing ‘hotspots’ developing and damaging the  panels and reducing output.