Flashing Hawkeye Roof Mounted

Wind Driven Bird Deterrent ‘Flashing Hawkeye’ –

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Our wind driven bird deterrent called the Flashing Hawkeye rotates with just a breath of wind.  It accelerates and deccelerates according to wind speed.  Therefore, birds cannot predict it.  It is totally random.  The mirrors are mounted at very slightly different angles and bounce the light around at different angles and at different speeds which again, the birds don’t like.

We have different ‘faces’ for the aerofoil board, the Hawk face and Buddha face.  Both are equally effective.


The power of the mirror

Hawkeye Tech sheet (Roof Mounted)

Our wind driven bird deterrent, the Flashing Hawkeye, can be roof mounted.  It was chiefly designed for keeping gulls off roofs and this remains it’s most common use. However there are ever increasing requirements for it’s use in other applications such as:


  • factory / farm yard roofs
  • radio masts
  • miscellaneous industrial applications
  • rooftop solar arrays
  • vineyards on top of posts


In the bulk of situations, the Flashing Hawkeye is sold with a horizontal roof mounting plate.  However, if you cannot mount it to a flat roof, we also have a vertical mounting plate so that it can be mounted to a vertical surface.


The Roof Mounting Plate (for attaching to a horizontal surface)

The roof mounting plate is of 5mm thick stainless steel that is powder-coated in hi-viz yellow.  It has multiple holes for a wide range of roof mounting positions.  It is a seriously heavy duty piece of metal work, for maximum rigidity, durability and safety.

The Roof Mounting Bracket (for attaching to a vertical surface)

This is a versatile bracket which can be fixed in a wide variety of situations including:


  • A onto a flat vertical surface
  • B into the corner formed by two adjacent vertical surfaces
  • C onto the top of a wall / post and embracing the two adjacent vertical sides of a corner


The roof mounted Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors is particularly suitable on industrial roof tops against seagulls and pigeons because they can be seen as a constantly moving deterrent at great range and can be effective throughout the day and also at night without any running costs and are very effective for deterring birds from coming to your roof in the first place and they can be sited on their own or together with any of our electronic bird deterrents.

Please note that whilst these wind driven bird deterrents are made from incredibly strong and durable materials, named storms and extreme winds
may on rare occasions cause the aerofoil board to snap.  Therefore, if such an event is expected, we advise the removal of only the aerofoil 
board from the deterrent.  This is a very easy process of un-doing two bolts that hold it in place.  If removal of the board is not possible, 
the bird deterrents should be inspected after the storm has passed.  Scaring Birds Ltd can accept no liability in such situations.  
Aerofoil boards can be ordered separately.