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Flashing Hawkeye Roof Mounted

The Flashing Hawkeye was chiefly designed for protecting arable crops mounted on a ground spike and this remains it’s most common use. However there are ever increasing requirements for it’s use at higher elevation with the low profile board in situations such as

– factory / farm yard roofs

– radio masts

– miscellaneous industrial applications

– rooftop solar arrays

– vineyards on top of posts

On these occasions the more onerous stresses when used at high elevations, coupled with safety considerations to humans below, has resulted in the design of two mounting options so that they can be mounted onto

– a horizontal surface with the Roof Mounting Plate

– or attached to a vertical structure with the Roof Mounting Bracket

The Roof Mounting Plate (for attaching to a horizontal surface)

The roof mounting plate is a 18cms square plate of 5mm thickness with an M10 hole in each and a multiple set of holes for alternative selection of mounting positions

The Roof Mounting Bracket (for attaching to a vertical surface)

This is a versatile bracket which can be fixed in a wide variety of situations including

A onto a flat vertical surface

B into the corner formed by two adjacent vertical surfaces

C onto the top of a wall / post and embracing the two adjacent vertical sides of a corner

The roof mounted Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors is particularly suitable on industrial roof tops against seagulls and pigeons because they can be seen as a constantly moving deterrent at great range and can be effective throughout the day and also at night without any running costs and are very effective for deterring birds from coming to your roof in the first place and they can be sited on their own or together with any of our electronic bird deterrents.


An effective alternative to the Flashing Hawkeye is the Flashing Buddha Eyes.

Buddha Eyes Specification


As with the electronic devices that use constantly changing sounds to deter birds the effectiveness of these wind powered visual birdscarers can be re-invigorated by changing the board or having a mixture of both types in the same area.

The same specification as Flashing Hawkeye with a different face.


Hawkeye Tech sheet (Roof Mounted)

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