BirdBuzzer - Electronic & Ultrasonic Bird Deterrent
Bird scarers & rodent deterrents


Electronic bird deterrent with a choice of audible or ultrasonic output with over 90 constantly changing sounds




  • Choice of ultrasonic or audible output.
  • Control mode and length of blast from easy to use control unit.
  • Powered by mains electricity or 12 volt battery.
  • Up to 8 external twin speaker slave units.
  • Long cables enabling sound to be directed to where needed.
  • Suitable for industrial and domestic buildings, power and communications towers, churches, gardens, boats and many other applications.

Birdbuzzer Specification


The Birdbuzzer is likely to be used in ultrasonic mode most of the time but can be switched at the flick of a switch to audible for short blasts on demand.

Ideal for use where the control unit is required to be located inside a building near the user but with all the output coming from slave waterproof speakers located either outside, or at a distance from the user.



Birdbuzzer Tech sheet

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